5 Best Places to Stay in Italy

Italy is a lovely country with so many amazing cities it can be hard to narrow them down to the one you truly want to visit and after you do that, how do you decide on the right hotel when there are hundreds of options. I have created this list to try and ease some of your sufferings and have included some amazing hotels in some of the most popular cities in Italy. Below are five fantastic options that are sure to guarantee that you have a wonderful time on your trip!

1: Ortea Palace in Syracuse

Syracuse Is one of the most historic and beautiful places in Italy where you can view some of the most beautiful ancient ruins. Ortea Palace is a hotel on the shores of Syracuse whose facade makes you feel like you have traveled centuries into the past and are the highest of royalty.

Once you are inside you are treated to beautifully designed rooms with enormous amounts of space and the most jaw-dropping views as you look out over the water from your balcony. This hotel is a bit more on the luxury side with nights starting at $341, but if you are traveling for a very special occasion and want to go all out, this would be the place!

2: Londra Palace in Venice

This hotel is located in the San Marco area of Venice Italy which means it is right in the center of all of the action you might be looking to find! The Londra Palace is so romantic and imaginative that many artists have used it as a source of inspiration to fuel their works including well-known composer Tchaikovsky.

This hotel sits right on the water, so as you relax and wind down in your room after a long day of exploring everything Venice has to offer, you are greeted with a lovely view. Each room is beautifully decorated and unique providing you with a one-of-a-kind experience. The Hotel Londra Palace will cost you around $321 dollars per night, but it is more than worth it!

3: 3749 Ponte Chiodo in Venice

Yes, this is another suggestion for Venice, but the difference is that this hotel is located in Cannaregio which is actually the first place most people enter when they get to Venice, but rarely stay in long enough to realize what a gem it truly is.

This area is a lot less popular with visitors, but it is truly the spot to stay in if you want to be able to enjoy Venice and avoid the large crowds. Located near the metro station, you can easily get around Venice and still escape to a quiet and picturesque little area at the end of the day.

This hotel is very lovely, very charming, and very affordable. Each night will cost you around $120 dollars making it a third of the cost you would pay for other spots in Venice. If you want to enjoy the city and save yourself money and stress, this hotel is worth looking into.

4: Hotel Tornabuoni Beacci in Florence

This elegant hotel is located in one of the most romantic cities in the world. There is a lovely view from the top of the hotel looking out over the city and surrounding hills, but if you want a closer view, you can take a stroll through the winding, narrow streets filled with charming stores and cafes for you to explore.

Each room is designed in a way that will make you wonder how it’s possible that you didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg to spend each night in it. The terrace is covered in beautiful greenery and the sitting room is so cozy and quaint. You get all of these fantastic amenities for $259 per night.

5: Romeo Hotel in Naples

Naples is an amazing city to wander around as a visitor. It is the birthplace of pizza and contains some of the most famous ruins and architecture in European history. You can go underground to the catacombs, or visit the home of the gods on Mount Vesuvius. Whatever you do, it will be a memorable experience.

Romeo Hotel is a wonderful modern twist in a city surrounded by a powerful past. Each room offers you luxury, elegance, and an amazing view. You can have all the modern, glamorous things we love today while looking out over a city that breathes history. The Romeo Hotel will provide you with everything you need and more for rates starting at $258 per night – tourist locations in italy.

Hopefully, these options have given you a good idea of what places you can look forward to staying in on your next trip to Italy. Every hotel on this list as received amazing review and feedback, so if you do happen to choose one you are in for a treat no matter your choice!